Veer Towers Property Management

Veer Towers Property Management

Experience Unrivaled Excellence at Veer Towers with Luxury Real Estate Advisors Property Management – Your Investment, Our Expertise.

Elevate Your Property Investment Journey with Luxury Real Estate Advisors – The Pinnacle of Property Management Services at Veer Towers, Las Vegas.


Welcome to Luxury Real Estate Advisors Property Management, where we deliver an unparalleled property investment experience at Veer Towers, Las Vegas. Our team of industry veterans has specialized in catering to the unique needs of Veer Towers investors since the project opened in 2010. Luxury Real Estate Advisors has achieved over 1,000 leases, represents past and current Veer Towers Board Members, and was named to The Elite Developer Circle by MGM Resorts for sales and leasing accomplishments.

Property Marketing | Vacant Property Services | Ensuring The Residence Shows Well

Luxury Real Estate Advisors is the only property management firm to deploy an omnichannel digital marketing campaign for Las Vegas luxury condo rentals. Moreover, Luxury Real Estate Advisors employs a full-time housekeeper to constantly inspect and refresh vacant residences ensuring the residence shows well to potential tenants.

Bespoke Tenant Selection | HR & Relocation Company Partnerships

At Luxury Real Estate Advisors, we recognize the importance of securing the right tenants for your high-end property. Our meticulous tenant screening process includes exhaustive background checks, credit evaluations, income verification, and previous landlord references. By carefully selecting only the most qualified and responsible tenants, we protect your investment and guarantee a seamless rental experience. Moreover, Luxury Real Estate Advisors tenants include current and former C-Level Executives from MGM, Caesers, and others.

Proprietary Lease Agreements | Disclosures | Favorable Landlord Tenant Dispute Remedies

A well-drafted lease agreement, along with comprehensive disclosures, plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth rental experience for both parties. Luxury Real Estate Advisors consulted with top real estate attorneys and now includes 12+ additional terms/disclosures, which dramatically reduces the risk of litigation.

Innovative Property Management Solutions

Luxury Real Estate Advisors harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to provide an efficient and modern property management experience. Our advanced software enables seamless communication, real-time financial reporting, and convenient access to essential documents. With our dedicated mobile app, both you and your tenants can effortlessly manage all aspects of the property anytime, anywhere.

Proactive Maintenance and Premium Care

We take pride in preserving the pristine condition of your investment property. Our team of experts conducts regular inspections and offers proactive maintenance programs, ensuring that every aspect of your property meets the highest standards. By addressing potential issues promptly and working with trusted professionals, we safeguard your investment’s value and appeal.

Reducing Disputes Via Exhaustive Move-In | Move-Out Inspections

A detailed move-in inspection is essential to establish the property’s baseline condition before the tenant moves in. This process involves documenting the property’s current state, including any existing damage, wear and tear, or maintenance issues. By having a clear record of the property’s condition, both landlords and tenants can better understand their responsibilities and avoid misunderstandings during the rental period.

Luxury Real Estate Advisors deploys best in class in class inspection apps that create exhaustive reports which contain up to 200 images.

Transparent Financial Insights:

At Luxury Real Estate Advisors, transparency is a cornerstone of our property management philosophy. Our comprehensive financial reporting offers a clear view of your investment’s performance, including rental income, expenses, and projected ROI. With our intuitive financial dashboard, you can easily monitor your investment’s progress and make strategic decisions for its future.

Full Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

Our expert team stays current on all local and federal laws pertaining to luxury properties, ensuring that your investment remains compliant and mitigating potential legal risks. With Luxury Real Estate Advisors, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is managed by a team that prioritizes your protection and success.


Embrace the unmatched expertise and excellence of Luxury Real Estate Advisors’ Property Management at Veer Towers, Las Vegas. Our commitment to exceptional service, industry-leading technology, and personalized care guarantees a property investment experience unlike any other. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure the best in property management services – contact Luxury Real Estate Advisors today and witness your investment soar to new heights.

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