Realtor Exposes Greedy Plaintiff’s Counsel: Demands Fee Cut From Staggering 35%- 45% To A Just 4.94%, Mirroring Realtor Rates

Recent settlement trends in Missouri suggest that while plaintiffs’ attorneys might be on their way to affording luxury cars like Rolls Royces, class participants might only receive an amount that barely covers half the cost of a two Chicken Chalupa Supreme Combo, priced at $11.39.

The portrayal by the plaintiff’s counsel, Mr. Ketchmark of Missouri, seems at odds with the ongoing legal developments. Despite his fervent claims against NAR, accusing them of inflating “HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN COMMISSIONS,” Ketchmark’s recent actions hint at motives more aligned with personal gain than a true quest for justice.

A notable example is the recent settlement with Anywhere Inc., a leading multi-entity brokerage firm. They resolved nationwide claims, including the Moehrl case, covering an astounding 46,000,000 transactions. With Remax also settling, the combined amount reaches approximately $138,500,000. This averages to about $69,000,000 per defendant. If this trend continues with industry giants like NAR, Keller Williams, and Berkshire Hathaway, the collective sum could reach $345,000,000. After accounting for legal, expert witness, and other associated costs at 45%, or $155,250,000, the remaining $189,750,000 would be divided among the 46,000,000 claimants, leading to a modest $4.12 per transaction.

“In the midst of Missouri grappling with soaring inflation, unprecedented gas prices, and the financial strain of Kansas City Chiefs season tickets,” Anthony Phillips urges class-action attorneys to allocate 95.06% of the settlement proceeds directly to the home sellers of Missouri. ‘If class attornies can’t put food on their tables, we, the Realtors, stand ready to support through a GoFundMe initiative,'” he declared.

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