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At Luxury Real Estate Advisors we make every effort to enrich the buying and selling process for our clients. We became the first full-service real estate brokerage to retain the services of a seasoned data analyst. This enables us to provide our investors with comprehensive sales data. 

The reporting and analytics you can expect will encompass the following metrics:

  • 10-year appreciation data per building (by unit type).
  • 10-year historical leasing data per building (by unit type).
  • Analysis illustrating increased/decreased rent premiums (furnished vs. unfurnished).

Google Data Studio-Luxury Real Estate Advisors

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Reasons To Invest In Las Vegas Cndos

Cash Flow Potential

Residential real estate investments can generate both short-term and long-term returns for investors. Also known as cash flow, Luxury Real Estate Advisors’ (LRA) identifies properties, which generate cashflow and display 10-year growth in application and rent rate increases.

Diversification Can Help Minimize Risk

Adding real estate to your portfolio can help diversify your investments away from the stock market. With LRA, you can further diversify your real estate portfolio by investing in several ways, whether it buys and hold, buy/improve/sell.

The Appreciation Of Real Assets

Also known as upside potential,  real estate properties can increase in value thanks to their location, amenities, and the potential increase in rental income. For most real estate investors, the big payday comes when their investment exits or is fully-realized, meaning the property sold or refinanced for more than it cost to build/upgrade.

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