What $1.6m buys you in the Bay Area vs. Las Vegas

How California’s Excessive Regulatory Structure, Taxes, And Annual, Life-Threatening Fire Events Impact The Las Vegas Luxury Segment.

(Bay Area Home Priced at $1.6m and a luxury home in Las Vegas with the same price)

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    The Ripple Effect of California’s Rent Control Laws

If we look at the Cal to Nevada relocation data, it states there were 27,625 relocations and if 10% were high-net-worth individuals, that totals 2,762. In our opinion, there are less than 1,000 residences in the city of Las Vegas that are desirable to high-net-worth buyers. Furthermore, the timeframe to build large, custom homes can range 3-4 years, and no new luxury condo projects are being built for the foreseeable future.

We believe the restraints on supply and increased demand will result in upward pressure on pricing. 

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