Make a One-Time Payment or Set Up a Recurring Payment in the Tenant Online Portal

Make a One-Time Payment or Set Up a Recurring Payment in the Tenant Online Portal

The following is how a tenant or homeowner submits a one-time payment or sets up an auto payment in their Online Portal.

  1. On the Home tab you can view your current balance and details of current and future charges broken down by month.
  2. Click Pay Now to make a one- time payment, or click Setup Auto-Pay to create an automatically recurring payment.  Recurring payments can only be set up for a monthly frequency.
  3. You have two payment options for each.  Select eCheck (direct withdrawal from bank account) or Credit or Debit Card.
  4. For a one-time payment, continue through the steps to submit a payment directly to your property management company. You will receive a confirmation email once the payment is successfully submitted (this does not mean it has cleared your bank account).  If you do not receive a confirmation email, you did not fully complete all necessary steps to submit the payment.
  5. For a recurring auto payment, continue through the steps and select a date for the recurring payment to begin:
  6. You can set a specific amount to pay each month, or pay your outstanding balance in full each month.
    • You set the date for the payment to be submitted each month, but you cannot schedule an auto payment to begin the same day as you create it. 
    • You will receive a confirmation email confirmation on the day the payment submitted each month.
    • The convenience fee for credit or debit cards applies to each auto payment if this is the method chosen.

Convenience Fees for Credit or Debit Card Payments

  • The eCheck method is free, while the credit or debit card option carries a non-refundable online portal convenience fee that is added to the total of the payment. The user sees the amount of the fee when they enter the amount they wish to pay, and is given the option to switch to eCheck.
  • The convenience fee is also mentioned again before they submit the payment.  They can click Go Back if they wish to switch payment method.

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