Luxury Cares Anthony Phillips Las Vegas
Kind Words About Lux Cares Efforts

“Better days ahead for Ellie…”Ellie is from Texas, and I just got her home today. She had little sunlight at the shelter. She’s basking in it now. Thank you, Luxury Cares, for helping me save this super sweet dog.”

“Amazing generosity. Anthony is a rare breed in today’s business world. Somehow ethics, morality, and human kindness thrive in him when most successful business folks seem to be lacking.”

“Anthony, I want to thank you so much; you’re very kind. I have seen all the donations you have donated to Streetdogz; they are worthy of your donation. Thanks a lot; they mean a lot to me; thanks so much.”

“Wow, I just opened a box I’m assuming it’s from you with Kitty food! Thank you so much from the kitties and me it is such a great help!!! 😻😻😻😻😻💛💛💛💛

“And Thank You, amazing supporters of Street Dogz and it’s mission, Luxury Cares w/ Anthony Phillips !🙏!”
“Who just dropped the biggest roll of GREEN on us ever? Anthony Phillips!! ❤That’s who!!
I am in SHOCK….Wow!”
“Guess who is getting the Tub, shower hose, clippers (the kind that go between the paw pads), scissors, and a small canopy, courtesy of our Tuesday angel, Anthony Phillips? Brandy Glasgow, the Street Dogz groomer, that’s who!
I have been trying to figure out how to buy the tub and hose, to make it more comfortable for Brandy and the dogs and to keep her coming back every Tuesday. 😉
“A BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO Anthony Phillips from Luxury Real Estate Advisors for donating to the homeless kitties living on the streets in Las Vegas!!😻😻 So nice for a local company to care about the kitties!!”

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