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The number of repairs increases as buildings age, and Las Vegas condo towers are all between 10-17 years old. Considering this, there can be cosmetic blemishes that are not actionable, and we recommend tenants acquire items linked in blue to aid in ongoing maintenance.

Furthermore, drainage issues or odors may be the result of a problem in an adjacent residence or could involve the mainline, which could include clogs below the tower (diagram included)

Common Issues (blue text links to Amazon products)

Lack of Hot/Cold Water

Your residence and its mechanicals are part of an all-encompassing building system. Lack of hot or cold water could be residence-specific due to a faulty water regulator valve or a building-specific issue. Please first contact the HOA and inquire about any building-related issues prior to submitting work orders.

Sink Clog, Slow Drain

  • Remedies
    • Be mindful of placing large/excessive items sinks/toilets
    • The garbage disposal is not an alternative trash receptacle. Use Kitchen Sink Basket Strainers and put large items into the trash.
    • Use Drano and a plunger to dislodge the clog
    • Contact building management as there may be a clog in another section of the building impacting your condos drainage.


Every appliance which includes water involves a P-Trap which retains a certain level of water to block mainline drain odors from entering the residence. Washing machines, sinks, toilets and others must be used each week to ensure water remains in the P-Trap.


Door hinge noise or difficulty opening terrace doors.

Las Vegas is dusty, so the remedy is to spray door hinges with a silicone-based spray. Regarding patio doors, must likey impacted by dust in the tracts, vacuum the tracts and apply silicone spray

Cabinet handles/doors locks loose

If the screwing mechanism is accessible, try a tightening with a screwdriver, if this fails, submit a work order online. We recommend acquiring a basic tool kit which Amazon sells for $22.

Lighting | Outlets | Appliances Not Working

Ensure each breaker switch is in the on position. When a breaker trips, the switch dislodges and moves slightly toward the off position. Switch this breaker to the off position and then back on. For more information, view this. How To Reset Breaker.

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